Melvin Benzaquen Is The Founder And President Of Classic Restoration Enterprise

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Everyone loves a nice car. There is a reason that the industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars each year. There is a reason there are so many makes and models that change and evolve every couple of months. Vehicles tell a story about their owner, so it is no wonder that some people prefer to drive older models of cars. They want to remember a time gone by or, perhaps, they just prefer the classical styles. The phrase, “they don’t make them like they used to” is both literally and figuratively true when it comes to automobiles.

This is why people so often want to rebuild old cars. They act as a window to the past, to a time when cars were perhaps a tad less safe and family friendly, but certainly more beautiful. Sometimes when a car has been restored, it still shows its age in the wear and tear of the vehicle. But when a real expert gets his hands on a car, he can make it look like it’s just come off the assembly line.

Melvin Benzaquen is the founder and President of Classic Restoration Enterprise. The work that is done at that garage is a perfect example of how classic cars can be restored to look like new. The Classic Restoration Enterprise garage is capable of handling virtually any job and Melvin Benzaquen is personally involved in every single restoring project.

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